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Group Tele-coaching – will be once a month. Thirty minute phone call featuring  case studies ,what’s working now,  Q / A,  and best practices. This option includes the monthly Rehab and Grow Rich Newsletter.

Home Study

Home Study

RGR Home Study Course– This is a 100 page course manual with 5 CDs that provide detailed step-by step instruction from how to get started in distressed Real Estate Investing.

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Purchase Your Copy

I want to spread the good news about how you, too can make your fortune as an investor in distressed real estate.

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Paul Davey is a millionaire real estate investor who specializes in rehabbing distressed properties.  He is an expert in self-directed IRA investing in completes more than a million dollars worth of deals within his own IRA annually.  A former New York City police officer, Davey is a private investor and general contractor who buys distressed houses – bank-owned properties,  handyman specials, fire damaged structures, and houses with expansion potential.  As an REO broker, he lists and sells bank-owned properties for Fannie Mae and many other lenders.

He offers coaching programs for new and experienced investors and publishes a newsletter on distressed real estate investing.  Davey lives on the North Fork of Long Island with his wife, LIsa, and their three daughters.

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A Repeatable Moneymaking System

Whether you’re a new or experienced investor, I offer monthly telecoaching, a mastermind group, and one-on-one consulting.  I will share what I have learned about getting started as a distressed property investor and abou making the most of a self-directed IRA.  I have an at-home study course that includes six CDs and a 120-page course manual covering everything that you will encounter in a renovation.

You to can complete more than $1 million deals within your own IRA annually and I will show you how.

Whether you have purchased this book or received it as a gift, you can sign up for two free months of my Rehab and Grow Rich newsletter.  The newsletter includes success stories, case studies, and an interview of the month with attorneys, hard money lenders, insurance brokers, and investors using a variety of strategies.  You will find a wealth of additional information on the website including, as a free download, my A-Z Pricing Guide, an essential resource on renovation costs

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“I have been investing in my brother, Paul’s, real estate deals since the late 1990s with cash accounts and, more recently, with my self-directed IRA funds.  He offers a great way to quickly and safely grow your money.  In the years to come, my position as ‘Being the Bank’ will lead to an annual six-figure income for me!”

Phil Davey